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Online Sales Policies, Terms and Conditions & Waivers.
Why every business should have them.

In 2020 we would estimate over 90% of businesses had a website and an online presence. Now more than ever after the COVID-19 impact, businesses are pivoting toward showcasing their business presence online.

It is so important to protect your business from loss including but not limited to clients taking legal action against you for:

(a) What is written on your website, social media or online space;
(b) Not disclosing your sales policies;
(c) Not providing your online traffic with your terms and conditions;
(d) Not providing your online space with waivers and indemnities that indemnify your business against any claim from online traffic taking action against your business.

We have worked with many businesses over the years mainly who sell products on their websites or run programs and activities and we are experienced in assisting clients with the preparation of all of these documents required to protect their business.

It is heavily apparent that all websites and online presences should have a disclaimer and waiver against liability for content, its accuracy and sales terms and conditions when transacting online. This is not just essential for businesses that are selling products online but is essential for all businesses with any online presence.

We offer fixed fee packages tailored to your business needs. These are designed specifically for your business whether you offer services or products.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any Business or Commercial needs, we would love to an opportunity to offer a no obligation fixed fee quote.

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