Criminal Lawyer Gold Coast

If you find yourself in a position where you are in trouble with the police, there are several things you need to do to protect yourself. Firstly, you must obey any reasonable, lawful request or order from the police and cooperate with them to the best of your ability. The second thing you should do is contact a criminal lawyer on The Gold Coast. This is vital to ensure you are properly represented and your rights are not infringed on.

At QC Law, we have a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers who specialize in all aspects of criminal law. They can assist you with all aspects of your case and are familiar with the intricasies and quirks of criminal law as it applies on The Gold Coast as well as the rest of Australia.

The role of a criminal lawyer is to ensure that their client’s rights are protected and that the processes of the law are fairly and justly administered. A criminal lawyer is not there to judge or decide on the guilt or innocence of their client.

A criminal lawyer’s job requires them to test the accuracy and validity of all the police evidence regarding the case and to assist the court to determine how reliable witnesses and evidence really are, as well as determining if the evidence, in fact, establishes that the allegations against their client are factual and beyond reasonable doubt.

Criminal Lawyers on the Gold Coast are there not only to defend accused people, their role is governed by values and rules as explained in the “legal Profession Uniform Law Australian Solicitors’ Conduct Rules 2015” this provides the foundation for the ethical ways lawyers should conduct themselves while they are practising criminal law.

Some of the guidelines include:
• Lawyers are required to always act in the best interests of their clients
• Lawyers are required to be courteous and honest in all dealings with their clients and the courts
• Lawyers are required to deliver their services diligently, competently and promptly
• Lawyers are required to avoid any compromise of their dignity, professional integrity or independence
• Lawyers are required to comply with the Australian Solicitors’ conduct rules, regulations and the law
• Lawyers have a paramount duty to adhere to the administration of the courts and justice

The Australia Justice system has evolved on the principle that it’s always better for a guilty person to remain free, than for an innocent person jailed.

In the Australian criminal court system in order for someone to be found guilty, the prosecution must prove to the satisfaction of the court that the accused is guilty and committed the offence and that this is beyond a reasonable doubt. All accused in Australia are presumed innocent until proven guilty and an accused person is always given the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

A criminal lawyer on The Gold Coast will inform the court in a factual way their client’s side of the story so that it can be taken into account and outline any contributing reasons for their clients offending conduct as well as any positive steps they have taken towards rehabilitation and preventing their offending conduct reoccurring.

As criminal defence lawyers at QC Law, our role is to stop any unreliable or false police evidence from being used in court against our clients to obtain a conviction and sentencing by the courts and uphold our client’s rights to ensure that justice prevails by providing explanations and showing helpful insights that may result in, if our client is found or pleads guilty a more lenient sentence.

Criminal Lawyers duties and Responsibilities

At QC Law our criminal defence lawyers handle a diverse range of criminal cases, including domestic violence, sex crimes, robbery, theft, violent crimes, drug crimes, drink driving crimes, embezzlement, extortion and fraud.

We represent clients in state, federal and the appellate courts covering such things as plea bargains, bail bond hearings, trials, parole or probation hearings’ appeals as well as post conviction remedies and actions.

Charges QC Law, Gold Coast Criminal lawyer can help with

• Investigate your case
• Interview witnesses
• Arrange for good character letters
• Arrange for expert reports such as a psychologist and social workers
• Research related case law and statutes
• Build your defence and develop your case strategy
• Negotiate processes on your behalf, such as plea bargaining
• Arrange legal aid if required
• Check Juries for eligibility
• Arrange, draft and negotiate motions of dismissal or suppression
• Draft, arrange and negotiate appeals
• Deal with bail applications
• Negotiate fine payments
• Represent you with traffic offences
• Defend you in an assault, drink driving, stealing, public order offences, drug charges, sex offences, child abuse, manslaughter and murder charges as well as any form of police misconduct charges or applications

At QC Law, we understand that being under police investigation or being charged with an offence is stressful and can be a frightening experience as well as very serious as you could face penalties such as fines or jail time. It’s vital you seek the very best legal representation possible.

At QC Law all cases are important and none are too serious or too small for us to handle for you. We will provide you with the best legal representation and at a very competitive cost from our criminal lawyers on The Gold Coast for local and statewide litigation. We are a company that’s results driven and passionate about achieving the best possible results for our clients every time.