Gold Coast Conveyancing & Property Law/Development

Conveyancing & Property Law/Development


At QC Law, we are your conveyancing lawyers on the Gold Coast. Our team deal with all types of conveyancing transactions which makes us true experts in this field. Unlike other local firms, we not only offer Queensland Conveyancing and Property law services but we also offer interstate conveyancing services in NSW, VIC & ACT.

We offer fixed professional fees and are fully PEXA Certified.

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is an area of property law that covers all aspects of the process of buying or selling real estate or property. Whether you’re buying or selling a lot, vacant land, an apartment, the family home, an investment property or a commercial or industrial premises or business, at QC Law we have your best interests in mind and will represent you as if the property was our own.

Our team have extensive experience in acting for both the Seller and the Buyer in respect of residential real estate transactions, vacant land transactions, off the plan sales and purchases, subdivisions and commercial conveyancing transactions.

We also act for Developers in sub divisional land projects and off the plan unit developments.

Conveyancing is one of our core legal services and our team can assist you with all of your legal needs under the one roof.

We provide the following as part of our all inclusive fixed fee conveyancing service:
• Contract review/preparation and legal advice;
• Providing advice on contract conditions such as finance and building and pest conditions;
• Organising searches required in the transaction;
• Liaising with lenders in respect of finance or discharge of mortgage and preparation for settlement;
• Preparing land titles documents;
• Arranging settlement with all parties, including the financier;
• Calculation of settlement figures including adjustments;
• Attending settlement along with notifying authorities of transfer of ownership.

Why use a solicitor over a conveyancer?

If you’ve hired a conveyancer and something goes wrong, they’ll often need to send you off to see a solicitor. In this case, you’ll probably end up paying double fees, one to your conveyancer and one to your solicitor.

At QC Law we can give you legal advice regarding all aspects of your property purchase and are qualified conveyancing lawyers / solicitors to assist you if any issues arise throughout the process.

Our lawyers harbour not only specific knowledge about property law but also broader knowledge of the law in general.

Before you sign any contract we strongly recommend that you seek professional advice in order to safeguard and protect your rights. One of our team would be happy to assist you here.


We also act for Developers in sub divisional land projects from a small two lot scheme to a large land subdivision. We can also assist in off the plan unit developments and industrial units.

Our property lawyers can guide you from the purchase of the parent lot to the completed project.

Our assistance includes all project development documentation including but not limited to “off the plan” contract preparation, special conditions, disclosure documentation, easement preparations, and body corporate documentation and any other necessary advice along the way.

We have dealt with first time property Developers to the most experienced in the industry and we are with you every step.